IHE Profiles Recognised by the European Commission for Procurement

On 28 July 2015, the European Commission announced that 27 IHE Profiles are eligible for referencing in public procurements as technical specifications.

ISO reports on deployment of Interoperability based on IHE Profiles

The International Standards Organisation - ISO, recently released a REPORT containing strategic information on the deployment of interoperability based on IHE Profiles.



A non-profit association dedicated to interoperability in health information technology, IHE-Europe gathers a broad range of stakeholders to advance the shared exchange of patient information. 

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News Pulse

The News Pulse is a new channel for IHE-Europe to keep in touch with its members and friends.


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IHE-Europe Connectathon

The 17th IHE-Europe Connectathon will be held in Venice, Italy, on 3-7 April 2017.



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Success Stories for IHE in Europe

Connecting community hospitals with neurosurgeons in Italy, providing full medical histories for cardiologists in the Netherlands, or creating online learning for medical students in Germany.

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